Amendments to the Limitation of Actions Law

Chapter 15 of the Laws of Cyprus is the Limitation of Actions Law. The law provides inter allia periods within  which a person or persons may seek to enforce their claims.

Amending Law

Law 41(I)/2011 was recently passed into law by which the provisions of Chapter 15 of the Laws of Cyprus are inapplicable. Basically, Law 41(I)/2011 extended the period of non application of Chapter 15 untill 31 December 2011. Noteworthy the same practice was followed in the previous years.


Basically the effect of the non application of the Limitation of Action Law is that persons having a claim may begin proceedings in a court of law at any time after the claim was created. In contrary if the Limitation of Actions Law applied persons would be allowed to pursue their claims or actions within  3 years from the day the claim arises.

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